Our vibrant design items are a true labor of love. Due to the elaborate nature of our craftsmanship, we have limited capacity for wholesale orders. But don't worry! :) We're constantly on the lookout for fresh and exciting shops, stockists, and galleries to showcase our Bim Bam products. We would love to hear from you and add color together! Want to join our amazing list of stockists friends? :) 

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A list of our lovely stockists friends:

Studio ROOF - NL

Klin D'oeil - FR

Studio Play - BE

Matsch mit Sahne - GER

Diezijner - NL

Helen B - BE

Puha - NL

Frau Rabe - GER

Walter homestyle - FR

Ampersand - BE

OZE Boutique - BE

Hej store - GER

Gift horse Nashville - VS

The every space - UK

Riinstok - GER

Käthe und Juuls - GER

Schones von Lotte - GER

Kleine Schwester - GER

YAY Zakka - JAP

Mantel PDX - VS